Examining Mental Illness in Cornwall

We are two post-doctoral researchers, Sam Rayne and Jo Esra, investigating the history of St. Lawrence’s Hospital and Elizabeth Barclay House in Bodmin, Cornwall, having both completed our studies at the University of Exeter. 

We want to find out as much as possible about the two sites in question, especially given that the Foster Building of St. Lawrence’s is, at the time of writing, under threat of demolition. However, we also want to put that exploration within the wider context of Cornish cultural history, as we feel that issues of marginalisation are relevant to both. We also hope to investigate the more general history of mental health in the Duchy which we feel is an under-explored aspect of Cornwall’s past. 

 This blog will share some of the history of St. Lawrence’s and Elizabeth Barclay House, so please feel free to comment, give feedback or ask questions.The blog can be accessed here: http://stlawrencesbodmin.wordpress.com

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