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Louisa Rundle, a student at Plymouth College of Art, has requested some help from retired and ex-staff of St Lawrence's to help with a photo project she is involved with. I'll leave it to Louisa to explain:

I am a Third year BA photography student studying at Plymouth College of Art. I mostly photograph landscapes showing how man and time have changed it. I am doing a portraiture project to challenge myself and to show how the land has affected people around it and if it is still visible through talking to ex-workers of the recently demolished St Lawrence's hospital. 

The project will be called The Human Side of St Lawrence's Hospital. It is a personal project as I have photographed the space before when it was abandoned and I am interested in the history of it as I am from Truro. The final work will be shown in an exhibition with my class mates in June at Plymouth College of Art and then go on to the Truman Brewery in London.

The finished portraits will be printed A2 size with 4 or 5 on display depending on how many people I am able to photograph. The important part is that I won't be asking any personal questions or need any personal details as I only want to get peoples experiences of working in that kind of environment to challenge the stereotype that is associated with mental institutions.

If you are interested in having your photograph taken and sharing your experiences for this project, Louisa can be contacted by email here

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