The Printed Word

St Lawrence's monthly magazine, The Beacon, was first published and printed on a mimeograph in January 1961. Containing a dozen pages or so of contributions from both staff and patients, it was a means of communication throughout the large hospital network. The magazine's first editor was Dr D.J.Jones and it survived for over 27 years before being replaced in April 1988 by the monthly Deryvadow newsletter. In April 1993, Deryvadow was replaced by a new magazine, Connect 3. 

Together, The Beacon and Deryvadow covered the news, views and activities throughout thirty two years of hospital life from 1961 to 1993. A short Christmas 1989 edition of Dervadow can be viewed here reminiscing about earlier Christmases within St Lawrences Hospital along with some pages from other issues about the hospital's history and a few pages from the Beacon. (In Flickr, click/tap on the two arrows, upper right, for a larger view of the images.)


  1. Enjoyed this page many thanks

  2. I was involved in the production of The Beacon and remember it well. The hospital had its own print shop and would publish the title in-house. Along with a design and leaflet printing service for local businesses, the print shop had its own hot metal presses and, for the time period, a variety of state of the art publishing equipment. The Beacon was a good magazine, and it was well liked by staff and patients.