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Further photos of St Lawrence's buildings, wards and staff can be viewed at the St Lawrence's Hospital website  here


Inside Radial 1994

This video footage, courtesy of Dave Burgess, was taken in 1994 and shows the inside of the building, prior to renovation. The foundation stone for Radial building, designed by John Foulston, was laid on March 25th,1817, opened on October 25th 1820 and closed during the late 1980s.


Demolition of St Aubyn Villa

St Aubyn Villa demolished during March 2016 to make way for a car park. A few more images here.
Larger images can also be viewed at the St Lawrence's Website.


Bird's Eye View.

The old Foster site viewed from above on March 3rd 2015. Image courtesy of the Facebook St Lawrence's Hospital page. Further images and detail can be accessed at the Facebook page here. Image below of the same area taken around 1999. 

The Foster Hall Revival Trust's website remains online for the moment here and offers some interesting images and detail. A Foster Hall Revival Trust PDF brochure with history and images of Foster building can be downloaded here.  

The page links above are no longer available. The Foster Hall Revival Trust website and PDF brochure have been archived here.


Radial and Kendall August 1991

Ancient video taken during August 1991 around the 'top end' of St Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin. Includes exterior views of Radial, Kendall and Carew buildings, William's House, Townshend House, Glanmour, Training School, Enquiries, Pay Office and the Staff Social Club.


The Printed Word

St Lawrence's monthly magazine, The Beacon, was first published and printed on a mimeograph in January 1961. Containing a dozen pages or so of contributions from both staff and patients, it was a means of communication throughout the large hospital network. The magazine's first editor was Dr D.J.Jones and it survived for over 27 years before being replaced in April 1988 by the monthly Deryvadow newsletter. In April 1993, Deryvadow was replaced by a new magazine, Connect 3. 

Together, The Beacon and Deryvadow covered the news, views and activities throughout thirty two years of hospital life from 1961 to 1993. A short Christmas 1989 edition of Dervadow can be viewed here reminiscing about earlier Christmases within St Lawrences Hospital along with some pages from other issues about the hospital's history and a few pages from the Beacon. (In Flickr, click/tap on the two arrows, upper right, for a larger view of the images.)


St Lawrence's Laundry Demolition

The demolition of St Lawrence's laundry, estates, shoemakers, tailors, seamstress departments and mortuary. Further images here.  Interior photos of the laundry here courtesy of Nigel Harris.